About me

J.L.M. (Jos) van der Lubbe, MSc, PhD

Jos van der Lubbe studied Virology at the Wageningen University and Research Centre and obtained his PhD in Medical Biochemistry at the Leiden State University in 1987.

Since then, Jos has gained more than 34 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, of which he spent 15 as consultant, interim manager (production, QC and QA), auditor and trainer at nearly all concerning companies and many hospitals in the Netherlands and a few abroad, both for human and veterinary medicines.

Jos retired in 2021 and started his own consultancy company.

Jos has been:

  • Project- and Product Manager at Janssen Biologics (formerly Centocor), Leiden
  • QC-manager at Janssen Biologics (formerly Centocor), Leiden
  • Manager Pharmaceutical Production, Preparation, Laboratories and Issuance of two blood banks viz. The Hague and Leiden
  • Director Parenteral Production at Teva (formerly Pharmachemie), Haarlem.
  • Senior Advisor, Director Compliance & Validation and Scientific Director of ProPharma (formerly named Eurovalid Arthemius, then Univalid and then Xendo), Leiden
  • Senior Director QA and Documentation and QP of Pharming Technologies, Leiden and Broekman Instituut, Someren and Schaijk.

Jos held a position in the board of the Foundation Training Course Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech and was vice president of its Program & Examination Committee.

In addition, Jos was an active member of the Dutch Association of Industrial Pharmacists (NIA) and is honorary member of the Dutch Association for Pharmaceutical Microbiology (VFM).